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Creepy Crawler WINNER!!

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:11 pm
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Hi, If you love creepy crawlers like I do, check out the photo my daughter Alicia won 1st place with on Dr.- Goop's Halloween contest this year! She is 13 years old and the new first lady of creepiness! Her photo is on Dr. - Goops website and she won 12 oz. of plasti goop. I also buy and sell molds on ebay and sell sets of Giant crawlers, Fright Factory, dinosaurs and other goop toy sets made by me and her with *Genuine* Mattel plastigoop. I have many photos of my own creepy's but Alicia beat me in the contest, that's what I get for teaching her too well. Oh, by the way, did slitheree eat all his inserts? They are hard to find!! Thanks, mitbub Tim B.