mold making

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mold making

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Ive had this idea for awhile, but because I have a proffesional vacu-form machine I thought maybe it was a bad idea since not everyone has one, but if you have an old Mattel Vacuform it might be feasible, first cut heavy alum foil to the size of the vacuform sheets, close the holder to secure the alum sheet, you wont have to heat it, place your item to be copied on the platen, and slowly press the alum sheet over it while pumping the vacume handle, if it works, slowly remove the alum foil copy, bend corners down to it can sit flat, place it in your favorite Heater or oven and add goop, your probably not gonna get alot of Creepies from one mold but its easy enough to make another,,
Now I dont have a Mattel vacuform mine more of an industrial one that uses a vacume cleaner for vacume, so if someone could let us know if it works?

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