Molds, oven, goop available

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Molds, oven, goop available

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Hello all. I had fun with the original Thingmaker when I was a kid, think I might even still have a tongue around somewhere. When the Toymax version came out in 1992, I bought stuff for my kids. They didn't use it a heck of a lot and now I want to give it a better home. I have a 1992-version Toymax oven; goop (2 metallic, green & purple stretch, 2 color-change, 2 black, 2 yellow, 1 purple, 1 red, 1 green-ish, 1 glow-in-the-dark, 1 orange, 1 brown, 1 unknown color...); 2 green Goop FX pens; 1 orange Goop FX pen; 4 detail tips for goop; hair & assorted weaponry; and the following molds: #325 3-D lizards; #326 3-D flies; #79-1 Octoracnid/snailopper; #78-1 Squidoach; Creeple People head molds (2), arm molds (2), body parts (#42-1 thru 47-1). Oven hasn't been used in years, but worked last time we used it. Goop is old... But molds are in like-new condition. Will take & post pictures if needed. Would rather get rid of it all at once but will part out. Cost: I'm reasonable, we can work something out.

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