Color Mixing Goop

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Color Mixing Goop

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I recently received a shipment of goop from Dr Goop. Brown is back! One small difference is that this new brown is slightly darker than the previous brown. Has anyone else noticed this? It is possible to recreate the previous hue of brown by adding yellow and red to the new brown. I did only a small bit in a spoon, so I can't really say how much yellow and red to add, but it is possible. Also, the new yellow is slightly different. It is now slightly darker, and a bit more opaque, I think this is a plus! I also wanted to mention that the Grey is actually a gunmetal grey, and is slightly metallic. This is a great color for the some of the parts of the Fighting Men Mattel molds. Also makes a great front end for the Mattel "Borer" Eeeeks bug.

Has anyone ever noticed any differences in different batches of goop from Patti-Goop? I really like the Green-Blue, I hope she never changes the recipe of this color.

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